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Sim Works Obento Rack

Sim Works Obento Rack

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A good front rack is a must have (IMO) for any bike. This new rack from Sim Works is one of the nicest I’ve found. It’s a bit wider than a Mark’s rack but not obtrusive. Dual struts and a diving board provides all the stability you should ever need.

*There’s been a lot of talk about Nitto not wanting anyone to strap baskets to their small front racks. Do so at your own peril. Bottom line, don’t over load the thing. If you don’t heed these warnings, don’t expect any sort of warranty replacement.

**Wald 137 basket is provided for scale and does NOT come with the rack.

Max load 5kg (11lbs)

What’s included:

Connection Rod 420mm x 2
Connection Rod 350mm x 2
Clip Band 22mm x 2

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