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It’s no secret that bikes, and the idea of bike “fit” is changing. I’ve seen it first hand. Then again, there’s nothing new under the sun. Everything we’re trying now has been, more than likely, tried before. We just have the benefit of modern design and materials.

One of the biggest complaints I hear is regarding the reach to the handlebars. It’s just too far for a lot of folks. What if you want to run drop bars on your off road bike? (we did it in the 90’s with what I would say was limited success).

These stems from James, and Candace at Analog Cycles provide current day solutions to an age old problem. They’re made with pride here in the good ‘old US of A and they just may make you fall in love with your bike all over again.

Here’s the fine print direct from the Sugar Shack:

  • Ceramic Black or Clear Coat
  • All clear coats will eventually get spider rust under them. Not a bad thing, but be aware. The Clear Ceramic will never rust to the point where it’s a structural issue. They use this stuff on the undercarriage of high end off-road vehicles.
  • We currently have 30 & 0mm extension stems with 50mm and 70mm to follow. Contact us to get on the email list and be the first informed!
  • 4-bolt removable faceplate
  • Fillet brazed in Massachusetts
  • Ceramic Coated in Massachusetts
  • The stem has a 225mm quill length, a Nitto wedge and quill bolt, and stainless M5 bolts for the faceplate.
  • Minimum insertion: 65mm to the top of the headset lock nut. Don’t push it. The stem will not fail, the fork will.
  • Not for use with carbon handlebars
  • Torque: 6Nm faceplate bolts, 19Nm quill bolt
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