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I tell folks all the time, bring in the bike I rode in my 20s, put a gun to my head and say ride this-or else! You may as well pull the trigger. We were young then. We were fit, and had the tendency to court pain.

Most gentle riders could do with having the bars a little closer, and higher. Especially given the ever widening selection of super wide drop bars.

The Peeper stem is the companion to the 0mm Creemee stem. I could tell you all the gritty details, but I’m just going to let the designer do that fer me.

Back to the stem: It’s 75mm tall from bottom of stem to center of bars.

1 ⅛ steerer tube.

Aluminum or Steel steerers only.

31.8mm bar clamp. If you have Spank Flare bars, you will have undo your bar tape to the hoods, and probably the electrical tape because of the clamp design.

4 bolt, so you can use a two piece shim if you want to shim these down to 25.4 or 26mm.

50mm wide clamp

You can run 8mm of spacers above the stem IF you use thin spacers, like the Deity, White Industries or Simworks headset spacers. It will NOT accept standard spacers above the stem clamp.

30mm extension.

We pre-grease the bolts, so just install it with a torque wrench and you are set.

Safe to ride off road, within reason. Not made for big drops, this IS NOT an enduro or downhill stem. It’s a trail stem.

US engineered + made + anodized. Engineering and Fab by Swift Design Works, which is a one person design and fab shop in New Jersey.

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