50 years was a long time

On Dec 29th I closed the door on A1 Cyclery. It was store that stood for 50 some odd years. I was there just two months shy of 16. I decided to try something different.

The first question would, obviously, be why? It came down to the state of the bike business and where I viewed my place in it.

For a decade now I've believed that a great percentage of the buying public have been under served by a business model that corrals customers into two groups. Group one gets a $500 (+/-) bike that while functional, doesn't exactly inspire one to make the bike a larger part of your life. Group two gets the much more expensive bike that not only "requires" extra gear, but isn't always that fun to ride (not for very long anyway). These are my opinions, and of course there are always exceptions. If you're one of those, that's great! Keep on riding.

What I aim to do is provide an alternative. Beautifully functional bikes sold in a one on one atmosphere. Bikes that allow you to ride varied surfaces. Bikes with higher handlebar positions, and tires wide enough to make riding a joy. Those bikes exist, and they're terrific.

Will you just be able to stop by and shop? Yes. Hours will be posted soon.

Will you offer service? Yes, but only on bikes that I sell. It's not personal. It's a space and time consideration. It's a very small space and I'm the only one here.

How do I make an appointment? There's a link right below the one that brought you here.

Why the name change? This was a hard one. I don't want anyone to think for a minute that there was anything wrong with A1. In my mind A1 Cyclery was a certain thing. This is something different.

What the hell is a Psychic Derailleur? It's a line out of a song by a band called The Shins. The first time I heard it, it stuck in my head...and here we are.

I want to sincerely thank everyone that has allowed me to serve them in the past. Hopefully some of you will see value in this new endeavor.