Your Town

How well do you know your town? I'll be honest, I don't know my town all that well. Not as well as I should anyway. There are people I know, bike people, who know so many little secret spots and hidey holes. Just through a notch in that hedge (that by the way doesn't look anything like a passage) there may be a different world.

Adventure for me used to come, largely, in the form of travel. Once I started visiting other countries I couldn't wait to do more. Just as I got to the point where that was going to again be a possibility. LOCKDOWN.

So adventure will have to come where we can find it. Opportunities for exploration are all around us if we only we take the time to look. Sometimes you find a little spot that has been right under your nose all along.

I've been hiking with a friend recently. Weighted packs, and trails and fresh air. All good things. The spots we've visited thus far have been anything but secret. The one we visited most recently was very close to home, and almost completely unknown to me.

A perfect spot situated between the White River, and the Central Canal. At times it was hard to tell that you were in the middle of a city, steps from a University.

Do you have a favorite "secret" spot? I took the opportunity this day to practice using one of my cameras. If you would like to see what I'm talking about you can see it here.

Be nice. Work hard. Ride bikes. Play music (when you can).


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