When the Bikes Come Back

At this point most people are aware of the bike shortages that don't seem to be ending anytime soon. It's not just bikes. Have you tried to buy an appliance lately?

My gut tells me that some people are panic buying. They're not only afraid that they won't get the bike they want, they may not get a bike at all. In 2021 it's a valid concern.

What happens when stock levels return to normal? Will bikes still sell at these rates when the risk of missing out is no longer there? I think it's safe to say they will not.

What happens to the bike shops that have over bought hoping that the good times would never end?

If you've got a bike shop you love, continue to support them. Retailers have been walking on thin ice for years now, and most think we've finally found some solid footing. I fear that our future is a perilous as it's ever been.

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