Unenforceable Laws

Unenforceable Laws

I have been thinking quite a lot about how to best educate cyclists. I see so many people riding in ways that I think is dangerous. Mostly to them. Things get taken to a new level when you add horsepower into the mix.

There are some rumblings about e-bike legislation coming down the pike. The consensus is that the use of any electric bicycle with a throttle is going to be either prohibited or severely curtailed.

I understand the idea. To a point. On a daily basis I see people riding in ways that I think is dangerous. Mostly to them. But once you enact the law, how exactly will it be enforced? Can it be enforced? And how about educating drivers while were at it?

What I’m I worried about? There’s gotta be a plan. Just like the plan to end distracted driving, and enforcing 3 foot laws and speed limits.

A New Thing I Like

I would not have thought I would have to deal with dry skin in the tropics. But here we are. I got this Japanese exfoliating towel, and it’s kind of a marvel. It lathers like crazy and will take off the first 3 layers of skin if you’re not careful. The first time I used it my skin was shiny as a new car. Seriously, go easy with this thing.

It’s cool for guys to care about their skin now. Right?

Stormy Weather

I was hoping that I would have a bit more of a grace period before having to experience a hurricane. The gods deemed it otherwise. My first experience was a category 4 storm. Lucky me.

What I found was that I was prepared (a bit) and didn’t even know it. I managed to find my camp stove, 3 fuel canisters, water purifier and some freeze dried meals. A trip to the store for some bottled water, and viola. All there was left to do was pre grind a few days ration of coffee in case the power went out. Which it obviously did.

It’s hard for me to really put this experience into perspective. I got really, really (and I mean really) lucky. No damage at home, and only a bit of water to mop up at the shop. Two blocks away they were completely swamped. I can’t overstate how lucky I was.

I want to thank everyone who was concerned for my welfare. Communication was challenging for a few days, and I’m not sure I got back to everyone. I’m going to continue to try to arrange my thoughts about this. If you want to hear more, scoot over to my YouTube channel on Monday.

What I’m Reading

The Wisdom of Uncertainty: Alan Watts The man was talking about being present, and living in the moment 50 years ahead of popular culture.

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