Turning off the Noise turned on Everything Else

I’ve had a bit of a block lately. I’ve come up with a handful of ideas worthy of writing about. Things that I hoped you would find interesting. Trouble is I didn’t finish any of them.

I thought that perhaps consuming a bit more content might jar something loose. So I read more posts, I watched a few more videos. I searched for the key that would unlock this jammed door.

And that was the problem. Too much noise. Too much input from too many places. Too many voices speaking all at once. When I turned it off, and sat with myself, there was a crack. As I sat a little longer the crack grew bigger. Then there was an idea. Then there were words.

I did have a block. The cause was just different than I thought.

I know I’ve written about this before, but we’re really not meant to have all of this input, all at once, and all of the time. We require mental down time. Time to let everything go quiet. Even if it’s just a moment here, and there.
After we first wake up is crucially important. So many of us-and I include myself in this-grab our phones the minute we wake up. It’s as if a wonderful surprise awaits us. The thought of all the things that happened while we were away. Sometimes it can be pleasant. Often times it can be some sort of “emergency”. Not the way you want to be thrust into your day. Under most circumstances nothing is so pressing it can’t wait another 30 minutes.

So what I’ve tried to do, and I’m not always successful, is to not touch my phone for the first 30-40 minutes of the day. Just enough time to wake up, collect my thoughts, maybe read or write a little and arrange my day.

Sitting with a cuppa in complete silence. It really is the best part of waking up.

Like any new habit it has it’s fits and starts, but I’m trying.

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