The Rift Between Us

There will always be a rift, I think, between adults that ride bicycles and adults that do not.

I was talking to a woman the other day. The conversation turned to bicycle infrastructure, and how it was so lacking here. She brought up a specific street, and how she would worry about the people she saw riding, to what she assumed, was their job. Then she said a very curious thing. It angered her when she saw people riding on that same street engaged in what she assumed was recreation.

Very curious.

Are there streets that I try to avoid? Absolutely. Do I sometimes shake my head when I see people riding on a heavily trafficked street? You bet. Could you ever imagine telling someone that it was ok to drive a car on a certain street as long as you were going to work, but not ok if you were driving to a party? Of course not. It’s ridiculous.

It made me realize that some people are willing to concede that bike riders have rights, but with stipulations. If pushed my guess is they would say we belong on the sidewalk.

I don’t know how we ever bridge that gap.

One of the questions that I’ve gotten repeatedly over the years is which chain lube I use. My answer has normally been “The one that’s closest to my hand”. But if pressed for an answer I would likely say Dumonde Tech. It’s a lube you don’t normally see in shops, but it’s some of the best I’ve ever used. Not inexpensive, but a small bottle lasts a long time. As long as you lube your chain properly.

Regular for wet weather. Lite for dry.

I posted a tweet last week about fuel prices. They’re as high as they’ve ever been. I said that every trip to the pump made me cringe. I’m sure you do too. That seems to be where the discomfort ends. I have no doubt that $5 (or more) per gallon gasoline is really hitting some people hard. You’d never know it out on the road. People still driving too fast. Racing from one red light to the next. I’ll believe fuel prices have gotten too high when drivers make the connection between their right foot, and how long a tank lasts.

I hope you’re all well. Thanks for reading.

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