The Power of Silence

I started writing this on the 5th of March. It all seems weirdly prophetic. I've amended it for relevance.

I've never had a problem riding alone. If I'm honest over the course of my life at least half of the mileage I've ridden has been by myself. I sought it out. I found it a therapy of sorts. A way to get out of my own head, and try to organize thoughts and ideas. Especially in this modern world there is a power found in solitude. Silence is a commodity.

It feels different when that choice is taken away from you.

Now we all seem to have solitude in spades.

Someday this will all be over. It may not happen as quickly as we all would like, but it will happen. My hope is that "we" will be changed, if only slightly, when we all go back to our lives. Will we remember how much we appreciate our friends? The people that sell us our food? Stitch our wounds? I hope.

Our memories are so short.

Stay well.


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