The dog days of Summer

It's been a weird year here weather wise. Summer is waning, and mentally it seems like it never really began. Thankfully, we're heading into my favorite time of year to ride. More moderate temps and lower humidity check all the boxes for me. The Surly Midnight Special was a hot commodity this year. If you could get them they didn't stay in stock for too long. Our stock is gone, and resupply isn't going to happen until January. Billie bars are back in stock along with Riv's new beefy blue basket net. Riv's imported version of the A. Homer Hilsen is available for pre order. It's a less expensive version of the nicest riding bike I've ever ridden (not owned-ridden). If you're interested in one of these frames (and want to buy it from us) I will honor the pre sale price as long as Rivendell does. We have been closing on Wednesdays during the winter months for the last few years. Our "off season" hours will start this year on Sept. 12. The web site, obviously, will not be affected.
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