Sober October

Drinking is a bit of a past time in south Florida. The answer to most questions is “how about a cocktail?”. I’m pretty sure I spent my first three weeks here with half a snoot full. Happy hour in a lot of places starts at 2. Two!

Of all of the damaging things we do to ourselves, drinking has got to be one of the worst. It’s also no secret that I enjoy a cocktail. I was never much of a beer drinker. I’ve dabbled with whiskey. I drank a few gin and tonics in my early days. Margaritas? I love ‘em. There aren’t too many things as good as a really good margarita. And, in what may be the most old man statement of all time, tequila doesn’t trigger my gout. There. I said it.

My brother and I independently decided that October would indeed be sober. I can’t say that I’ve noticed much of a difference. My sleep is probably a little more consistent. I’ve already lost a couple of pounds. That doesn’t put a dent into the amount I should lose, but I’ll take it.

What I’ve found is that Sober October is a bit of a bore. I guess I’ll look at it as a test of stick-to-it-ive-ness.

If you’re also participating allow me to toast you with this… of water. Yeesh, someone get me a drink. In November. A Ranch Water sounds great. Maybe Topo Chico will be back in stock by then.

Maximum Effort

One of the more pleasant surprises to come from Hurricane Ian? Mint Mobile. I’m not joking. Once the power went out, and we lost the internet, mobile phones were the only means of getting information in or out. Service was spotty (at best) because of the sheer number of people using the lines. Everyone around me had service from one of the big companies. More often times than not, my phone worked while others didn’t.

I got a message saying I had used 80% of my data (which has never happened). That meant my account was about to slow down even more. Even though my allowance refreshed the next day, I jumped on a chat, explained the situation and they gave me an extra gig of data to get me through the day. Service with this company has always been friendly, and fast. Why not try it for yourself? Just think of the money you’ll save. Use my referral link and get a $15 credit. That’s a free month! (if you use the 4g/mo plan).

You’ve Got To Keep it Loose!

A big part of my morning routine is stretching. I’ve talked about this before. Strength and flexibility are the two things I worry about as I get older. I’ve had one hell of a time keeping my calves from tightening up. Until I found my Stick hiding in a box. It’s a great little tool that helps dig out those nagging tight spots. You’ll hate it at first. You’ll love the way you feel after. There are a bunch of variations, but the “Marathon” is short enough to fit inside most travel bags.



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