Sneaky Strength

Racer types will often give sideways looks to those of us that ride “sensible” bikes. Not all of course, but certainly a fair number. What those folks fail to realize is that those nerds on basket bikes are likely quite strong. If only because of the amount of time they spend on their bicycles. I could make an argument that training on a touring bike by commuting, or going to the store would improve results at the “Tuesday night world championships”. I doubt it would be well received.

To be fair, there’s some degree of judgement coming from the other direction these days. I don’t think that’s productive either.

How I read

If you’re an Amazon shopper you, no doubt, realize that today is the end of Prime Days. As an Amazon affiliate it would be irresponsible of me to not point out a great deal on some of my favorite things.

The Kindle Paperwhite is currently 32% off. For me this thing went from “why would anyone want one of those?” to something I don’t want to be without.

Kindle Unlimited is the next best thing to a library card. Unlimited reading from over 1 million ebooks. Unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks. You can read on any device, and you can give the membership as a gift. Try it for 30 days free.

If you prefer to listen to audio books theres a great deal on Audible. Sign up during Prime Days and get 3 months free!

What I’m listening to:

Tuba Skinny. They began as a group of musicians busking on the streets of New Orleans. I don’t care if you call it traditional, Rag Time or New Orleans style. I just call it great. You can get their music on most services, but I try to buy it directly from their website. I’m pretty sure they get to keep more of the money that way.

Cause for concern

There are stories flying around the internet lately about the amount of glyphosate found in our food, and in some cases our bodies! It’s been alleged for years that the herbicide RoundUp causes cancer. This is pretty concerning stuff. Other than only buying your food from some small farmer in your area (or growing your own) I don’t know how we get away from the stuff.

Keep moving, keep playing, I hope you’re all well


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