Misc. Ramblings

A restock on the Billie bar should be here next week along with some blue basket nets. The MIT A Homer Hilsen pre sale has begun. That bike was my first experience with Rivendell. I tell people all the time, it's not the nicest riding bike I've ever owned. It's the nicest riding bike I've ever ridden. In the 30 years I've spent in this business, I've ridden a lot of bikes. Sourcing the frames from Taiwan puts this great bike in reach for a whole lot more people. We still have a couple of Atlantis frames that are just waiting to be built. The word "all rounder" gets thrown around quite a bit nowadays. An argument can be made that is, in the modern age, is the original all rounder. I've been talking on other platforms about the fact that I'm moving the store. I've not mentioned it here, so allow me to do that. I'm moving the store. Not really sure when, but we'll all find out together. The web side of the business, of course, will not be affected. The Surly Midnight Special really struck a nerve in the bike world. That bike has been hot! We have one 58 still in stock. Resupply won't be until January. Speaking of Surly, I can't say enough about the Bridge Club. If your riding takes you over varied surfaces, and you like your tires big and puffy.......well it may be the perfect bike for you. We're going into what I think is the perfect riding weather. My riding has been quite limited this year. I'm looking to correct that going into the late summer/early fall. As always thank you for your attention, business and trust. Chris
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