I wonder......

One of my favorite things about riding a bike is the amount you get to see vs. driving a car. But does it help to see if we do not notice? We see, but do we really see?

I'm wondering if we (alright, I) have lost our sense of wonder. The ability to be amazed by what might otherwise be seen as trivial things.

The Apple TV has a screen saver made up of random shots from around the globe. They change from time to time, but I've seen most all of them. The other day I looked up to see a grouping of Stingray moving through the water. I'd seen it before, but I was taken aback at the size, scope and beauty of it all. It was as if I had never seen it before.

I think we are bombarded with so much information on a such a constant basis that we don't notice the little things anymore. Again, I say "we" when I really me me. I also discovered that a grouping of Stingray is called a "fever". Amazing.

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Take care of yourselves, and each other.


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