It’s inevitable that any recreational athletic event gets taken to extremes. I have no intent to criticize. I’ve been involved in more than my share over the years. Some fall into the “let’s see if anyone can do it” variety. Most have some sort of fund raising component. It’s a noble gesture, and if nothing else gives someone an excuse for what is often seen as a crazy endeavor. The Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis falls into the latter category. The Crossing is an 80 mile (give or take) paddle starting in Bimini (the Bahamas) and ending in Lake Worth FL. They start at midnight, paddle through the night and cross the Gulf Stream! I can’t imagine how its feels to be out in the middle of the ocean. In the middle of the night-on a paddle board! Check that. I can imagine the feeling. It’s me, and how infinitesimally small I am. A local news channel did a short video about last years crossing. I have to be honest, this thing is fascinating to me. It’s got a long dormant part of my brain saying ”I wonder…..”.

Summer generally means vacations. When I travel I try to do so as minimally as possible. That generally means a small backpack, or a roller bag that still qualifies as a carry on. At this point I wear sandals everyday, but sometimes you need a pair of shoes. My current favorite is the Prio from Xero Shoes. They are light, flexible and have all the room for my tootsies. One of the reasons I became an affiliate for Xero Shoes is that I like them so much. Does that mean I’m an “influencer”? Finally! If you’d like to check them out use my link. If you decide to buy I’ll receive a small commission.

I would have thought supply issues and overall lack of bicycles would cut down on one of the most consistent questions in the bicycle industry. Which is “Do you have X bike in stock, but in the color from a year or two ago?” I have to be honest. I’ve never purchased a bike because of the color. I’ve never not purchased a bike because of the color. I guess it’s just a part of my brain that’s missing. Or maybe it’s the ready access I’ve had over the years to all manner of bikes. It’s likely a bit of both. The takeaway? In this current climate, you can’t eat with your eyes. Like everyone I would have thought this would have all been sorted out months ago.

As always, I hope you’re all well.

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