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I never thought complete bikes would be purchased online. Not in great numbers anyway. To me there are too many variables at play. Yet here we are. One of my concerns is always people buying a bike that they think will work with no consultation. The ones I talk to often misunderstand the bikes they’re interested in, or don’t have the complete story.

I did a video about this recently. I think it’s an important topic, and one that I’m sure I will add to as time goes on. See it here.

As much as I rail against mobile phones, they have become necessary for most people. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune for service. I’ve been using Mint Mobile for over a year now, and I couldn’t be happier. I get 4gb of data (which I never come close to using) for $15 a month. Why not give it a try? They have other plans if you need more data. They’ve even got family plans. Use my link and try Mint Mobile free for one month.

We used to build livable cities. Places where we could congregate and shop all in close proximity to where we lived. At some point it all went sideways. If you’ve ever wondered why the state of bicycle, pedestrian and public transportation infrastructure is such a shambles in this country-in most cities anyway-this video does a great job of explaining it.

I’ve written about E Bikes a fair bit over the last couple of years. I’m seriously considering adding a motor kit to my cargo bike. I think it may level the playing field out on the roads. Even if it’s only a little, it may be worth it. I don’t see the commuting situation improving any time soon around here.

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