Be Open To Options

Getting a new bicycle is exciting. Whether it’s a complete bike, or a custom build. It’s exciting for you, and it’s exciting for me. The main reason I’ve stayed in this crazy business for so long is the enjoyment I get from helping someone pick out a bike that will really work for them. Something you will continue to enjoy for many years.

Unless you’re dead set on one specific bike, there will likely be multiple options that will work for your particular riding style. There will be minor differences here and there, but the overall enjoyment should be the same. This is where many people get hung up. The fear that you’re going to make the wrong choice. The what ifs can take over the process.

Please don’t lose sight of the end goal. The picking, and purchasing are merely a small part of the process. My focus is on the years of fun that will follow.

What I’m watching:

I didn’t think I would like Ted Lasso. I resisted watching. Of course, after the first couple of episodes I blew threw the series. Perhaps like you I’ve been waiting, not so patiently, for new episodes. Clips pop up on YouTube from time to time. I’ve watched this one far too many times. Be curious, not judgmental. *There is at least one naughty word in this clip. You have been warned.*

A Thing I’m Digging:

The more I use the Blue Lug stem pouch the more I like it. It’s big, it comes in fun colors and it’s got a good sized pocket. I think everyone should have at least one stem bag. I may, or may not, be doing a video about this very topic.

A Quote I Come Back to Often:

“The most treasured gifts in the world are kind words spontaneously tendered.” Attributed to Stanford Professor (?) Jim Collins on the Tim Ferriss podcast. I’ve never been one to be too effusive. I’d like to do better.



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