Eating well doesn’t have to be hard (or expensive)


I love seafood.  I mean LOVE it.

One of the things I’ve been trying to do lately is get more “bang for the buck” in the things I eat.  As much as I love steak, locally raised, grass fed beef is expensive.  The same can be said of pasture raised chickens when compared to the birds in the grocery store.  Fresh seafood is problematic living in the land locked middle of the country.  The whole thing can be challenging.

I bought a package of frozen mussels at my local grocer for…….about 3 dollars.  Was it organic?  I don’t think so.  Were the mussels raised in a nurturing environment?  I would guess not.  Were they delicious?  Absolutely.

Bi-valves are packed full of all kinds of nutritious goodness.  Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Omega 3s, Vitamin A and Vitamin B12 are just a few of the good things found in mussels.

But what about the bread?  Usually what remains of the water, butter, garlic and whatever other spices you add would be sopped up with……bread.  That’s a problem (for me anyway).  I love it, but it is not my friend.  Thankfully, there is someone in the house that not only loves me, but is hella good at baking.  These yucca rolls make for a perfect vehicle for transporting said juices to your expecting, gaping maw.

Have a problem with eating animals?  I know there are some of you out there.  The argument could be made that it’s more “ethical” for vegetarians to eat bivalves as they don’t feel pain.

Mussels are super easy to prepare.  Bringing the water to a boil is the longest part of the procedure.  The next time you’re looking to add a little variety to meal time, why not give them a try?

Bon Appétit!


It’s not about the bike


I was always a chubby kid……adult too for that matter.  I’ve recently gone back to a (basically) grain free way of eating.  I’d done it once before with pretty remarkable results.  I’ve tempered my approach a bit this time ’round with the expectation that I will be able to make the change stick.  Permanently.

The point of this missive is not to push one “diet” or another.   The indisputable fact is that if you eat real food, positive things will happen.  I’ve been able to lose a pretty remarkable amount of weight with little or no exercise.

The point of this?   On a weekly basis I talk to folks that want to buy a bike to lose weight. While I will never be the one to begrudge someone a bike ride, it’s not going to do much for your waistline.

Ride a bike.  Please.  Do so often.  Do it for your health.  Do it for fun.  It’s one of the few things we did as children that is still acceptable to do as adults.

Wanna lose weight?  I can tell you from experience that it all starts with what’s going into the end of your feeding tube.

For me it all started with Mark Sisson and “The Primal Blueprint”.  If you’re interested.


The Nor Cal Margarita


One of the challenges of Paleo/Primal/Ancestral eating isn’t so much the eating…’s the DRINKING.  I loves me some Bulleit Rye, but grains are no bueno.  What do you do?

Well leave it to the powerful Robb Wolf to come up with a solution.  The “Nor Cal” is grain free and sugar-free.  Let’s get it on.

Robb’s recipe is pretty simple:

The juice of one lime

2 shots of your favorite tequila


Splash of seltzer (club soda).

I’ve taken the liberty to change the preparation ever so slightly.  Since no two limes are the same I’ve taken to squeezing 2 limes, and one lemon into a jar.  I’ve found that I like a little bit of lemon juice, and doling the juice out one shot at a time adds consistency drink to drink.

These things take a bit of getting used to, and they pack a whollup.  The absence of a sugar hangover makes them well worth it.

Here’s Robb’s orginal prep if you’re interested.