How Wide is Right for Me?

Yet again Jan breaks it down for us. Wider tires are not slower! (for the 57,000th time).

Off The Beaten Path


Our ideas of what is a performance bike have changed a lot in recent years! One of the most exciting bikes of the moment is the Open U.P. – a carbon race bike that accepts 50 mm-wide tires!

Not too long ago, every performance road bike had 700C x 23 mm tires. Now you have to choose not just how wide you want your tires to be, but – thanks to disc brakes – even which wheel size you want to use! For the Bicycle Quarterly test, we rode the Open with 650B x 48 mm tires, but our second tester, Nate King, raced his Open with 700C x 44 mm tires. Which is better? Or should you get several wheelsets for different courses? Is there a reason to switch tires and wheels on the same bike?


Let’s first talk about some fundamentals: Wider tires don’t roll slower than narrow ones. Bicycle…

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Testing 1, 2, 3……


I’ve been trying my hand at the audio visual side of personal/professional blogs.  It’s taken up a bit of time.

I was recently interviewed for a well known forum here in the US.  The participants are made up mostly of triathletes.  I was an interesting choice for a guest, but my store used to cater to a fair number customers who took part in those events.

Should I be able to work out the technicalities, I plan on posting the audio version of this interview.  I was deep in the throes of bronchitis at the time, and I haven’t heard the finished product.  It should be……..interesting.

For all of you here in the states, enjoy the Holiday tomorrow.  I hope you get a bike ride in, and don’t have any pyrotechnic mishaps.

Let us not forget


I’m taking a long weekend.  We’ve never just closed up over the holiday, but it seemed like the thing to do this year.

Get out and enjoy the weather (if you’re lucky enough to have it).  Ride your bike!

Just never forget the reason for the holiday.



2015 was a bit of a blur.  I spent the better part of the previous year writing a book.  That was stressful.  I owned a retail business in a segment of retail that was struggling, to say the least.  I was having anxiety attacks.  Although I didn’t know that at the time.  Riding my bike helped, but the other hours of the day were………perilous.  I didn’t know what was wrong.  I went to a doctor who “diagnosed” me with hypertension.  Meds followed soon thereafter.

I turned 50 in November of 2015.  I don’t mind saying that 50 sucked.  The meds may have been lowering my blood pressure, but they left me unable to do much else.  Mowing the lawn was exhausting.  Riding my bike became out of the question.

After a year of chasing my tail I decided to take control of my own health.  I got my stress under control (I have fewer fucks to give), I quit taking the blood pressure meds, and I got my diet under control.

I still own the bike shop.  I still have stress, but I feel, finally, like I am in control.  I re read the last post I made here……in 2011.  Seems like a long time ago, but there are some good thoughts there.

To one degree or another, we are all in control of our health.  Take what control you can.  Ride your bike.  Live your life.

We’ll be talking again soon.


I’ve been thinking about some of the things that I would like to accomplish in the New Year. I’ve tried to put them in a list (as I’ve gotten older I find that if I write things down they actually get done).

I’m going to ride my bike… work, to the store, for fun…..I’m going to ride.

No bike I own will have smaller than 28mm wide tires. It’s all about comfort from now on.

I will take more pictures while I’m out on the bike. Check that, I need to take more pictures. Period. My grandfather traveled all over the world, and never took a single photograph. Tragic.

I need to get back into the gym.

At least one of my bikes will have flat pedals. So much easier to just get on and ride.

We will have a shop ride…….of sorts. Some Saturday mornings we will ride, and others can, and will ride with us. That will be nice.

I re found the fun of working in a bike shop again. Don’t know exactly how it happened, and I’m not going to question it. This is the best “job” I’ve ever had.

The 520 is a bike that’s been in the Trek line…..well, forever. We got a few in a couple of weeks ago. Other than being a little “chunky”, it’s such a nice bike. I would like to think that some folks that are looking for a road bike (and have no aspirations……or delusions of racing) will give it a chance.

March is typically when we mark the start of the new season. That’s………7 weeks away? That’s nothing. A chip shot. Soon the sun will be shining, and tires will be humming down the road again.

I can’t wait.

Ride on!


This is the time of year when a lot of people start making resolutions. How many of those are followed through on do ya think?
I’m not one for resolutions, but I am excited about the New Year. As you might expect, my excitement is revolving around bicycles.
We’ve been working on some new bike lines/models over the last couple of months. These are not revolutionary by any means. They are bikes that you used to see in bike shops all the time. They will be durable, comfortable, affordable and really, really fun to ride. Look for them in store sometime in Feb.

2011 is going to be the year you start to love your bike again. That’s my resolution.

Ride on!