My name is Chris.  I’ve owned a bicycle store in Indianapolis Indiana since 2003.  Along with the frequent bike ride, I play ukulele and 5 string banjo (or attempt to).  I wrote the “Idiots guide to Bike Repair and Maintenance”.  This blog, newly resurrected, will be about the things I am interested in.  Mainly versatile, functional bicycles, old time music (including Ragtime and Tin Pan Alley) and health and fitness.

The psychic derailleur comes from a song by The Shins (a guy can’t live by old time music alone).  I contemplated using Sheldon Brown’s spelling “derailer” in the title, but opted for the more “formal” derailleur.

My hope is that you will find my writings informative, thought provoking and interesting.  You probably won’t agree with everything I say.  That’s ok, I don’t expect to agree with everyone.  We can still be friends.


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