Greg Kopecky interviews me for Slowtwitch. Audio only

I sit down with Greg Kopecky and talk about my store’s past with the triathlon market and the overall state of the bike biz.



2 thoughts on “Greg Kopecky interviews me for Slowtwitch. Audio only

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Chris. You answered the questions I was going to ask you by email when I learned that you owned a shop that sells Trek, Electra, Surly, and Rivendell. I just bought an A. Homer Hilsen, my first Rivendell, and I manage a shop in Rock Hill, SC; we stock mostly Trek and Electra, we’ve sold a Surly or two, and I’d love for us to sell Rivendell. You’re the closest Rivendell dealer to us geographically, and maybe also the closest in terms of the changing nature of our business (we were called Swim, Bike & Run until last year; now we’re Bike Town). One of my co-workers is in Indianapolis this weekend to race at the velodrome. He might stop in and say hi and pick your brain for a minute if you’re free. Thanks again!

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