Defining “Ancestral Living”


I’ve been trying to come up with a way to describe the way I would like to live my life.  “Ancestral Living” is the only one that (currently) makes sense to me.

Make no mistake, I’m not talking about living in a mud hut, and giving up modern medicine.  It’s trying to achieve a balance between the way, I think, we are genetically programmed to live and our current technologically advanced world.  At the risk of repeating myself, my goals are:

Eat real food:  This is pretty easy to understand.  The more research you do on processed foods and sugar, the more you realize that they shouldn’t really play any part in your life.

Time away from screens:  I’m a gadget guy, always have been.  But staring at screens all day long can’t be any good for you.

More time outdoors:  Just going outside for a short walk has the ability to recharge you.  A couple hours (or overnight) in the woods is even better.  I did some hammock camping late last summer, and I’m anxious to do more.

Read more (books):  I recently rediscovered the library.  It must be because I’m getting old!  The power went out for about 3 hours a couple of days ago.  I was glad to have an actual paper book to read.

Waste less:  Just so we don’t get it twisted, I am by no means some sort of soft hearted soul trying to save the world.  Just going back to cloth napkins instead of paper towels has had an impact in what we throw away.  It’s also reduced the grocery bill.  Those things are expensive!

Have more conversations:  I wrote about this a couple of posts ago.  We run the risk of losing our ability to truly communicate with people if all we do is text and email.  So many small details are lost.

Given the time of year it could be easy to see this as some sort of resolution.  I don’t really do those.  Instead it’s just a reminder, for myself if nothing else, to stay the course.  It’s so easy to come off the rails.

Christmas is about a week away.  If you celebrate, I hope yours is Merry and Bright.