A question for bike riders

I can’t help but contemplate the ever changing face of retail.  It’s how I’ve made my living for most of my adult life.  That said, I have a question for those of you out there that ride bikes (bicycles).

Do you shop at locally owned bike shops?

If so, are you “loyal” to one, or do you shop several? (assuming you have more than one to choose from.)

Is there anything you would change about the store/stores?  This would include products or experiences.

You can leave your answers in the comments.  I thank you for taking the time to help me with this.

Ride on!


2 thoughts on “A question for bike riders

  1. I have an overwhelming preference to shop local. For bike stores I do not have a loyalty to one LBS over another. My first bike came from the largest local retailer and some of my gear has been from there. My husband’s bike came from your shop. My new bike is from another LBS. Even the thing I bought online (Powertap pedals) was ultimately from a LBS. My Zipp wheels were from a LBS in Illinois, bought online. I do shop the chain bike shop for things like tubes, discount socks, and sometimes discount bike clothes. I nearly exclusively have my bike serviced by local mechanics that are LBS based. My fitter is independent. But which store I frequent depends on them first having what I am looking for and second offering great service at a reasonable price.

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