Old Timey & New Fangled


It had been a good long while since I had been camping.  We had talked about it for years.  Getting to the campground by bike was the plan.  Logistically we just couldn’t make it work.  Instead of putting it off for yet another year, we decided to just go camp.

I bought a new pack, and A got her first pack (part of the fun of camping is buying new gear-am I right?) and we set out.  It was a great experience, and we are both anxious to do it again.

As a boy that grew up in the city, spending time in nature has never been something that I craved.  I do believe that it something that we MUST do.  It’s led me to wonder how many things that used to be part of our day to day lives have been forgotten, or set aside in favor of our new technologically “improved” lives.

I hope to investigate and explore these topics.  Hopefully you find them interesting.