Holy non-sequiturs Batman

Adam West and Burt Ward in Batman.


When I was a kid I loved Batman.  The tv show, not the comic.  Even though by the time I was old enough to understand (kind of) what was going on, the 3 short seasons were in syndication.

When I was 10, or 11 my Mom and Dad took us to the local dime store.  They didn’t tell us where we were going.  They didn’t tell us why.  It was in the days that you could keep things from your kids I guess.  Burt Ward was doing a personal appearance.  We got to meet Robin.  It was one of the best days of my young life.

Batman was a huge part of my childhood.  I didn’t learn until much later that it was goofy.  It was much, much later that I found out that goofy was cool.

Michael Keaton, and Christian Bale may have played the more “accurate” Batman.  Adam West?  He was Batman to me.  RIP Caped Crusader.